How to Kill Your Product Launch

What happened? Your product launch flopped and you are devastated.

How to Kill Your Product Launch

What happened? Your product launch flopped and you are devastated.

You’ve worked really hard on creating a product or service that is going to change the world. You’ve sacrificed yourself, time with your family, and invested quite a lot of money because you’re “all in”.

You told your neighbor how great it is, and she bought it right away. It helped her (like you knew it would). You’re sure her response is typical so you write your own product launch sequence because you know your product or service better than anyone. You’re dead sure the formula is going to work:

Passion + Product = Profit

Passion + Product = Profit

So you launch. You do everything you learned in the Product Launch Formula™ program to a T and you are so excited because you know it’s going to help thousands of people, and support your family at the same time. It’s a win/win.

But it doesn’t happen that way. Your product launch kicks off small and then fizzles further to underwhelming success. Instead of win/win, you feel like a big “0” and die a slow, agonizing death.

What happened? Your product launch flopped and you are devastated. You have the hard task of sharing the failure with your spouse. You have to tell your kids that the trip to Disneyland isn’t going to happen. And even worse, you have to look yourself in the mirror and ask, “Will I always struggle like this to sell my product that I know  will help them?”

It shouldn’t be that way. You can exceed your own product launch expectation. If this has happened to you, then I offer you hope that your next product launch will be different.

“It’s Not My Fault”

“It’s Not My Fault”

(and other lies you tell yourself)

(and other lies you tell yourself)

You might think that adding more grit and determination is the answer. You are still full of passion for your project so you try harder, sleep less and promise your spouse or kids the next launch is going to turn everything around. You continue for one or two more product launch cycles. But each underwhelming product launch creates more and more distance from your dream.

This is what really happens:

  • You blame the economy, the government, the season, and the list goes on
  • Your ‘once supportive’ spouse starts taunting, “Show me the money!”
  • You distrust your product or service
  • You doubt yourself

What happens if you keep trying to do a product launch the way you’ve been doing it – being convinced that your passion and your own writing skills will magically transform into profit and rely on hope that the right customers will “get it” and will see that they need you?

If you don’t change, then you will eventually give up your dream, and you will feel like you’ve failed yourself, your spouse, your family and the people you wanted to help.

You’ll go back to a dead end job, because there, your boss appreciates you. He tells you all the time. He doesn’t back it up with a raise, but still, you could stay there for the rest of your working career and feel adequate.

The Miracle Turnaround that Increased My Business Success

The Miracle Turnaround that Increased My Business Success

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been there. I thought that passion, product expertise, and a dynamic personality was going to help me build my dream, while providing a product that people needed (they just didn’t know it yet).

I knew my product and I was good at writing; many people told me: friends, family, even my college professor. It should have been enough but it wasn’t.

It’s possible to be a great writer but terrible at writing sales copy that gets people to buy your product. I was discouraged because people liked my product (they told me as much) but they didn’t buy. No matter how eloquent I wrote, my sales didn’t improve.

It’s possible to be a great writer but terrible at writing sales copy that gets people to buy your product.

Then, I tried something different. I hired a copywriter and editor. I was skeptical and I wasn’t sure it was a worthy investment. I was paying a lot for something I could do myself, right?


My sales started to increase almost immediately. I started to build a loyal following, who were eager for the next release of new products.

Finally, I was having the success I knew I could have. I was connecting to the people who wanted my products. It wasn’t coercion or being underhanded. I was selling them something they loved, wanted, and needed. It was a win/win.

I was impressed with the powerful way the right words and content strategy has on a product or service that I transitioned into being a content strategist and copywriter because I want help other businesses who are struggling like I was.

It Worked for These People, It Will Work For You

It Worked for These People, It Will Work For You

I offered content strategies and copywriting to business friends and they started to have greater success too.

This is some of the great feedback I heard:

Make Your Next Launch be ‘The ONE’

Make Your Next Launch ‘The ONE’

If you’ve had enough disappointing product launches, and want to try something different, let me help you develop a clear content strategy for a product launch that will exceed your own expectation. This is what will happen, you’ll:

  • Attract customers who want to buy your product
  • Change people’s lives – just like you know your product or service can
  • Financially provide for your family
  • Love being an entrepreneur again
  • Free up time by hiring a great copywriter
  • Exceed your own product launch expectation

When you work with me, you join an elite group of business owners. I work with one business owner at a time, so I can focus on you and your product or service. 

I worked for three years as  a copy editor for a marketing firm, I’m a Ray Edwards International Certified Copywriter, and have 12+ years of entrepreneurial experience.

This is what you’ll receive in the Content Strategy package:

  • Fully developed content strategy that fits your business and your customers
  • Lead Generator that starts to build your marketing list
  • Sales letter/landing page that converts
  • Complete email sequence that covers the full launch period
  • Video sales script for your pre-launch period

It sounds great, right? I suspect right about now you’re wondering what the investment is for all this.

The real question, how much are you willing to pay if you don’t change something? What is your product launch expectation?

Let’s say your goal for your last launch was $100,000 but you only sold $63,000 during your open cart period. You missed the goal by 37% or $37,000 in lost revenue.

But every product launch that doesn’t meet your expectation costs more than money. It costs you time that you’ll never get back. It will eventually cost you your dream – the reason you started in the first place.

Decision Determines Destiny

Decision Determines Destiny

Let me ask you again. What is your product launch expectation? Do you want a $100,000 launch, a $500,000 launch or even a $1,000,000 launch?

You could hire Ray Edwards himself, and pay $150,000 (that’s if he’s even accepting new clients, which he isn’t).  You could also hire a marketing firm, but then you’d be left with the crumbs of time a big firm could devote to you and your product, plus they may know nothing about Product Launch Formula.

Work with me and everything I’ve promised comes as part of the Product Launch Content Strategy package. When we work together, I’m invested in you and your product launch success. I don’t just “hope” it works out for you. I will work hard for you so that it does exceed your launch expectation.

Let’s start with a phone conversation that won’t cost you anything. Find out if you want to work with me. We will get to know each other, and you can tell me about your product or service. I’ll ask you about your best product launch scenario.

I think you’ll be delighted in the confidence you feel for making such a good decision for your next product launch.

When you’re ready for the next step, I’ll send you a client form to make sure every detail of your product or service is covered. Then, I’ll create a content strategy for your next product launch.

Finally, I’ll get to work for you to deliver a winning Product Launch Content Strategy package that will help you exceed your own launch expectation.

But, if you don’t feel that doing something different and working with me will exceed your next product launch expectation, then we can finish our conversation amicably. We’ll see each other at the next Product Launch Formula event and I will still ask you how your project is going because I want entrepreneurs like you to succeed, even more than I want you to work with me.